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Only At Brighton

We understand that parents have many choices for their child’s education. From other prestigious local private schools to top-notch area public schools, the competition is fierce. What makes families choose Brighton School and stay until their child graduates? The fact that so many great things can be found #OnlyAtBrighton. Let us tell you more.

Brighton FIERCE

What is Brighton FIERCE? Fearless, Innovative, Enthusiastic, Responsible, Compassionate, and Enlightened. These are all the qualities that a Brighton student embodies.

We encourage students to be fearless by trying new things and being brave. We bring out their innovative side with activities that foster their creativity and problem-solving skills. We also believe that a positive, enthusiastic attitude is key to academic and social success. Brighton raises responsible leaders that are respectful and socially aware through service learning. We also encourage our students to be compassionate in a world that is not always kind, teaching them the value of respect and sympathy. Lastly, we foster an enlightened environment full of open-mindedness and reflection.

We come together regularly to recognize students’ success and continue to push them  outside their comfort zones, while making FIERCE a part of our everyday lives.

Our Special Projects
Salmon Hatchery
Our third graders have the opportunity to study and raise Pacific Northwest salmon from roe to adult. They record their observations as they research all aspects of the salmon lifecycle. The project culminates with students releasing the adult salmon into the wild. This hands-on project not only teaches students about biology and the environment, but is a chance to learn about the significance of salmon in Native American culture.
One of our most endearing special projects are our Grandpals, residents of a local nursing home who forge an unbreakable bond with our kindergarten students. Whether it’s hearing stories of their Grandpal’s youth or singing songs and reading books, our students learn the value of listening and respect for senior citizens. The Grandpals love seeing Brighton students and spending time together. In return, our students, many of whom don’t have their own grandparents locally, feel the warmth and affection of their adopted grandparents.
Family Groups
Every month small groups of students from each grade in our school gather with an assigned teacher for Family Groups. A student joins their Family Group in kindergarten and stays with the same fellow students and peers throughout their time at Brighton. The students cooperatively engage in activities that provide an opportunity for mentoring and create bonds between students throughout the school. The bonds they form with their group last through 8th grade and beyond.
Community Outreach
Community outreach is a core value of Brighton. One of our key relationships is with Washington Kids in Transition, an organization that supports children with unstable housing. Our students raise funds and collect critical supplies for the organization throughout the year, while also completing simple acts like creating kindness messages for the children of the organization to read. We help our students understand that community outreach is not only about raising funds, but also supports the individuals in need emotionally. In addition, students also work to support organizations that resonate with them personally. Whether it’s student-led drives benefitting SPCA pets or the Ukrainian people, our school is passionate about changing the community for the better. Not only are we hoping to make the world a better place, but teaching students that altruism is not just about money, but rather how you make a difference.
Field Trips

Field trips help bring learning to life and are embedded in our curriculum. All students in third grade and above have the opportunity to go on field trips that foster independence and confidence, and help them make real-world connections to what they are learning in the classroom. These experiences focus on team building, science, environmental studies, and appreciating the world around us. Our students spend time in locations such as Mt. St. Helens, the Olympic National Park, and Orcas Island.

In their final year at Brighton, 8th graders spend 10 days exploring our nation’s history in Virginia, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City. This trip is packed full of visits to historical sites, combined with a final class bonding experience before high school.

4th Grade Overnight Camp
Mt St Helens
5th Grade Camp Seymour
Ski School