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Our Mission

Brighton School develops confident, creative students with a broad academic foundation and a strong sense of responsibility within a safe and caring community.

From the Principal

Every school has its own personality based on its people, its culture and what it values. At Brighton, who we are starts with our vision, which isĀ to develop confident, creative students with a broad academic foundation and a strong sense of responsibility within a safe and caring community. We pursue this vision by creating an environment where students can feel safe and where we celebrate learning. The things we focus on define Brighton’s personality:

Safety: Research shows that the most powerful learning occurs when students feel safe. At Brighton, we welcome new students and families, provide a nurturing environment for learning, and build a broad, inclusive community. We do everything in our power to ensure that our students feel engaged and excited at school. Walking around Brighton you can see and feel the joy that the staff, students and parents feel in being here.

StrongĀ Academics: We offer a broad, standards-based curriculum that engages children and helps them feel excited about learning. We believe that beyond the core subjects, classes in technology, engineering, Spanish, drama, music, art and physical education are essential to educating the whole child. Our middle school students have the opportunity to take elective courses, such as creative writing, painting, robotics, computer programming, painting, cooking, drama and website design. We are not a school that spends time teaching to the test and yet our students score exceptionally well on state and national assessments, end of year tests and high school placement exams.

Exploration: Rich and challenging content is the foundation of our curriculum; however, students need more than academic knowledge to achieve future success. We enhance our curriculum with a variety of special events and off-campus experiential learning programs, including our fifth grade trip to Camp Seymour and our eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. In addition, we offer many opportunities for project-based learning which help build excitement about learning and connections to the real world.

Community: Our students, staff and parents work together to create an environment that celebrates learning, builds lasting friendships, and allows all members to contribute. One way our students contribute to their communities is by taking part in hands-on service learning projects. Past projects include painting Dog Town, a non-profit organization that helps abused and neglected animals, and raising over $2000 to purchase meals for local families in need.

Excellent Teaching: Our teachers provide excellent instruction, build strong relationships with their students, and share an unparalleled passion for teaching and learning. They collaborate within and across grade levels to provide an educational program that challenges all students.

At Brighton, we believe that education is a journey that never ends. There is a powerful love of learning at our school and we strive to instill this into every student.


Dr. David Locke
Head of School, Brighton School
425-640-7067 #222