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Brighton Bulletins

Brighton School believes in close communication between parents, teachers, staff and students to make learning fun, stimulating and meaningful.  Our biweekly bulletins are one of the ways we connect parents to the classroom. Make sure you check out the bulletins below for recent news events, special projects, field trips and…
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Brighton STEAM Lab

Brighton’s STEAM Lab provides a unique hybrid teaching environment for technology and engineering. Check out the instructor’s project web site at www.elementaryinnovators.com to see what our students are doing.

Earthquake Detector

Brighton 2nd grade students built an Earthquake Detector for the Great American Shakeout. The students connected a vibration sensor to an Arduino micro-controller and then, using the Chapters programming language, they programmed the Arduino to respond to vibrations by setting off a series of alerts including a signal light, a…
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Brighton Bulletin April 2 Edition

4TH GRADE INVENTIONS Over the last month and a half 4th grade students have had an exciting opportunity to become inventors as they developed projects and presented their inventions during Knowledge Night. Students gathered ideas for projects by conducting interviews and asking questions about everyday problems. They brainstormed possible solutions…
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Brighton Bulletin March 12 Edition

3D PRINTER Thanks to the Brighton PTO, our school has access to a brand new 3D Printer! The MakerBot Replicator has been busy creating student projects since it arrived a couple weeks ago. This 3D printer allows for students to take their knowledge and practice of using CAD programs to…
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Brighton Bulletin February 26 Edition

BRIGHTON IS MOVING! It is now official – Brighton is moving! Our new building will be located at 21705 58th Street West in Mountlake Terrace. The building is about 5 minutes away just on the other side of I-5. The plan is to start classes there this fall on September…
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Brighton Bulletin February 4 Edition

QUE??!!! As the year advanced our 8th graders are navigating through the complexity of the Spanish grammar with different projects and activities. One of their recent challenges was to learn about Spanish commands. We can find and use commands in recipes, street signs, or when giving directions. Students were divided…
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Brighton Bulletin January 22 Edition

SECOND GRADE FOLKTALES Students celebrated the end of their Folktale unit with a Folktale Book Fair. Folktales are often stories of animals that act like humans and live in a world of wonder and magic. Most of these stories convey a message or moral to the reader. The goal of…
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Brighton Bulletin November 26 Edition

COMPASSION AND OUR YOUNGEST STUDENTS Prekindergarten students got to focus on compassion this month as part of our character development curriculum. We shared stories about how we have been compassionate to others and how we have seen others be compassionate. We read picture books about the subject. The book Little…
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Brighton Bulletin November 14 Edition

FOURTH GRADE HONORS OUR VETERANS 4th grade students have been learning about the history of Veteran’s Day during social studies. The students in Mrs. Richmond’s class each completed a survey by interviewing or investigating a veteran. They found out about the veteran’s service in the military and any world events…
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