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Brighton STEAM Lab

Brighton’s STEAM Lab provides a unique hybrid teaching environment for technology and engineering. Check out the instructor’s project web site at www.elementaryinnovators.com to see what our students are doing.

Earthquake Detector

Brighton 2nd grade students built an Earthquake Detector for the Great American Shakeout. The students connected a vibration sensor to an Arduino micro-controller and then, using the Chapters programming language, they programmed the Arduino to respond to vibrations by setting off a series of alerts including a signal light, a…
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Brighton School students brighten teachers’ day

Teachers and staff at Brighton School love their coffee. Just ask the 16 students who brought them their morning cups of Joe last week during Latte Day.  Pairs of students from preschool through third grade at the private school on 212th Street SW delivered coffee drinks from a mobile espresso service…
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