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Specialty Classes


Our Spanish curriculum is aligned to national standards for the teaching of world languages with the purpose of building student proficiency in speaking, listening, and written communication. Students make connections beyond the classroom walls and learn how foreign language helps them expand perspectives, build cultural competence, and interact in multilingual communities. Our goal is for students to move beyond learning language as an academic subject to become proficient users of the language.


Our music program provides rich learning experiences in which students understand and apply the elements of music, experiment with musical instruments and technology, and express themselves creatively. Teachers present a balanced, sequential, and experiential framework to provide opportunities to create, perform, and respond to music in order to develop musical appreciation and ability.


Our visual arts program combines various mediums to help students develop techniques and create art to convey their ideas. Teachers promote development of essential skills such as critical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity by teaching the production of art, appreciation of art in our history, critical assessment of art, and the connections within disciplines and the world.

Physical Education & Wellness

Our physical education and wellness program is aligned to national standards with the purpose of developing our students’ physical and health literacy. Students learn the role of physical activity and responsible decision-making for health, personal fulfillment, self-expression, and social interactions.


Our technology program is aligned to national standards. Students and teachers use technology in innovative ways to compile, organize, analyze, and present information while developing skills in coding, keyboarding, word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics. Students learn to be responsible digital citizens, collaborators, and knowledge constructors.