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Outdoor Learning

Students in grades 3 through 8 have the opportunity to travel on multi-day field trips, largely sponsored by Brighton’s amazing PTO. On trips throughout the Puget Sound area and to other states, students study geology, biology, ecology and navigation. They participate in challenging physical activities, build friendships and develop leadership skills and self confidence. They even learn how to handle ropes and navigation of a sailing ship. Brighton’s multi-day field trips connect the learning in the classroom with the real world and help build students’ love of learning.

3rd Grade – Mount St. Helens

Students travel to Mount St. Helens for a 3-day journey to the heart of the volcano. During the trip they learn about the geology of volcanoes, explore the Ape Caves, hike and camp.

4th Grade – Olympic Park Institute/NatureBridge

NatureBridge environmental science programs in Olympic National Park offer students hands-on opportunities to study science in an International Biosphere Reserve.

5th Grade – Camp Seymour

Students travel to Camp Seymour on Puget Sound where they study sea life in exploration tanks, learn about snakes, attend workshops on marine ecosystems, canoe, hike and spend evenings around the campfire with skits and s’mores.

6th Grade – IslandWood

IslandWood is a nationally recognized 255-acre outdoor learning center on Bainbridge Island, rooted in an integrated approach to scientific learning, self-awareness, and environmental stewardship.

7th Grade – Camp Orkila

Students experience a 5-day stay at Camp Orkila on Orcas Island in the San Juans. They learn leadership skills, practice team-building and participate in a variety of physical challenges that build confidence and self reliance.

8th Grade –  Virginia, Washington DC and New York City

This 10-day trip to Virginia, Washington D.C. and New York is the culmination of our study of US history and government. During the trip, students visit famous historical sites, the nation’s capitol and see first-hand the places and institutions they have been learning about in class.